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Many FEM packages are available out there so why another package? Commercial packages are great, but may be too expensive for individuals to get access to. The limited extensibility is another pain in the butt. Modern programming paradigms for parallel computing have evolved a lot in recent years. C++ itself has also received a huge amount of updates starting from C++11. suanPan is basically a practice of modern parallel computing with brand new language features. The civil/structural community also needs an update of new tools for efficient numerical analysis. suanPan is designed to offer a concise but highly extensible framework for finite element analysis. With the assist of Armadillo, the syntax of which is expressive, researchers can try out new ideas in a fairly easy manner.


To contribute, please create pull requests. Besides, if you find any typos, please also feel free to create issues.

All third party libraries must provide a single markdown file to explain how to use the library and if possible with some theories.


If suanPan has offered some convenience to your research work, please consider visit 10.5281/zenodo.1285221 and cite any version appropriate.